A man selling apples

Selling the right way.


Consumers see ads everyday on social media, websites, blogs on the road and even in large gatherings and they are being told that these products will make us look better, feel better, and be better. The sheer density of advertising has forced them to train themselves to simply tune them out. Consumers don’t want to be sold to, this doesn’t actually mean they don’t want to buy.

Which is why a solution focused sales approach makes you come across as more agreeable, and can help you build rapport with your client. And if you break each sale into three separate steps, you’ll find it much easier to close deals.

Steps to selling the right way.

Get in the Right Mindset

Stop thinking of yourself as a salesman. You are now a repair man. Consumers buy because they have problems they want to solve. Your job, from first contact until close, is to help your customer fix this problem.

Step 1: Identify the Problem

Customers reach out to you because they believe that your product will help them solve a problem. Hubspot calls this process identifying pain points. What issues is your client struggling with? It’s not about selling something that is “nice to have.” You want to find an issue that is causing your client to pull his hair out in frustration.

Step 2: Frame the Solution

Before you hop in an pitch your own product as a solution, you have an opportunity to ask the client more about what they have tried. Ask them questions like “how have you solved this issue in the past?” or “What’s your plan to tackle this moving forward?” Once the client has told you what’s worked and what hasn’t, you can pitch your solution.

Step 3: Sell The Benefits

You know what the problem is, and you know what your client has done to try and address that problem. How will your solution change their day to day activities? This change is what you want to sell. Show them how much time they will save, how much money they could make, or simply show them how these headaches can go away. Make sure your client can picture what their life would be like with your solution.