Softwares that makes writing business proposals fast and easy.


The success of many companies relies on their ability to write winning proposals. This becomes difficult when you have processes that are slow or confusing. In many cases, a proposal has to go through several hands before it’s passed off to the client.

Being able to write, share, and track proposals are critical to ensuring the process goes as smoothly as possible. That’s one of the top reasons why you’ll find many businesses now implementing proposal software.

Below is a list of softwares that makes the proposal writing easy and swift.


When you need to quickly write up and send a proposal, PandaDoc is the tool to use. It enables you to streamline the creation of your proposals and quotes so it’s in the hands of prospects within minutes.

Better Proposals

Great proposals don’t just happen – they’re by design. That’s what makes this tool impressive. It comes with over 60 templates you can use to create a professional-looking proposal.

You’re able to import your logo and images and easily tweak the design to match your company’s colors. Then you can use the Preview-as-you-go to see how the client will see it. Some of the CRMs you can integrate with Better Proposals include HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesfroce, Zoho, Highrise, Base, Nimble, and Capsule.


Organization is key whether you have a sales department or a three-person team. With Propospify, you can revolutionize your sales process. You can quickly create proposals and get them in front of your clients in ample time.


In your role, it’s about closing as many deals as possible. If this is your top priority, then GetAccept is noteworthy. It allows you to upload and send out sales documents with a single click.

This can greatly increase your chances of winning proposals, such as within construction, freelance writing, and design industries. In these fields, you’re up against fierce competition, which means you need to be quick.


When it comes to flexibility and ease-of-use, then Nusii is a great option. It allows you to create an unlimited number of proposal templates. This can come in handy if you’re in a line of business where you’re sending out numerous bids weekly or even daily.

This proposal software will let you reuse these templates to push out more proposals faster. You can also use the analytics to determine which proposals are generating the most profits for your business. This allows you to pinpoint your best clients.

And Co

This is another platform that’s ideal for freelancers. In fact, it’s developed by Fiverr – an online platform widely used by freelancers. And Co is a simple tool you can use to create branded proposals in just a few clicks.

Author: Austine