Starting a snacks business.


Hmmm yummy and delicious snacks we all love snacks either in one form or the other because they serve as appetizers most times and there are times they even serve as food. Snacks business is a very lucrative one especially if you are a good baker as you can even sell to Schools, Banks, Hotels, offices and so on.

One cool thing about this business is that you can start from your kitchen even if you don’t have an oven and with as little as N5000 you can get something started, thanks to the internet and social media you could even land your first customer without runing ads.

You could even land new customers in your neighborhood with mouth – mouth advertising and telling friends to also tell their friends a lot could happen like that.

Getting started

Choose your recipe: This is the major aspect of the business as it gives you a better advantage especially with a good marketing and online presence visit All Nigerian recipes to learn more about recipes.

Build your online presence: Having a social media page goes a long way in getting you customers, Instagram is one of the best places if not the best for the catering niche as most people i have met that are into this business say Instagram brings them more customers than any other social media platform. taking good shots of your work and giving them good graphics will go a long way in giving your customers a good impression about you.

Network: Attend events meet with people and tell them what you do as mouth-mouth goes a long way in getting you customers.

Choose your audience: You can decide to sell to Schools, offices, banks, and even decide to supply to individuals in bulk or sell unit or even combine it all, all depending on you.

Have a good packaging: Creativity is what gives you a edge over others in business like you, being able to come up with good seals, labels and other forms of design for your product will attract more customers to you.

Learn More: I can’t end this post without laying emphasis on this as we all know new knowledge and new ways of doing things are being explored everyday and like the popular saying goes; “if you’re not informed you’re deformed” learning more about your craft makes you more exposed and even better at what you do. I would recommend YouTube, Udemy and Google as they are the best go to places to learn more stuff and get better at what we do.

Let us know what you think in the comments as we appreciate your opinions.