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Staying motivated as a soloprenuer.


As an entreprenuer, the chances of you being motivated at all times are on the high side because you always on the look out for the next big thing for your business, the next opportunity and solving more problems.

Naturally you would be so curios, inquisitive and full of ambition.

However, there are definitely going to be times when you loose motivation, frustration sets in and at times you feel like giving up you can’t be motivated at all times even the most hardworking entreprenuers take breaks in order to avoid burnouts.

Below is a list of tips to staying motivated as a soloprenuer.

Find Ways to Improve Your Skills

A solopreneur who is looking to improve themselves and develop their skills is usually a successful one. Therefore, spend time reassessing your skills and see whether you have any weaknesses you can strengthen. Perhaps you would like to learn more about the marketing best practices or how you should utilize social media for your business? If so, then look into courses and see whether there are any books or materials online that could help educate you.

Turn to Other Entrepreneurs for Inspiration

Looking towards other entrepreneurs for inspiration can be a great way to remain motivated. Listening to or reading about their story and how they continue building their entrepreneurial empire can be an exhilarating way to focus on your own business endeavors and unlock your potential. This can be especially true for female entrepreneurs who are looking for other, like-minded businesswomen for inspiration.

Don’t Go It Alone

Staying motivated as a solopreneur can be tough. Having a like-minded person (or group) near you provides valuable support and motivation. That’s why more and more American sole proprietors are using paid coaches and mastermind peer groups for company. 

Reward Yourself

You’re your own top employee. To stay motivated as a solopreneur, reward yourself for work done and milestones reached the same way you would with any other hire.  One way to reward yourself is with fun activities. For example, I give myself 15 minutes of watching films, dining out, etc. for every one hour worked. A full 8-hour work day means 2 hours of doing whatever I want in the evening. 

Align Your Business with Your Lifestyle

A solopreneur’s business inevitably overlaps with off-work activities. If the overlap leads to stress, fatigue or time lost, motivation suffers. That’s why aligning your lifestyle with your business is a good way to stay motivated. 

Here’s an example of aligning life with work: If you enjoy socializing after work, keep a schedule that leaves evenings open. Another example: If you’re a young parent, find ways to give yourself distraction-free time when working from home. By making decisions like these, you can stay fulfilled as an individual and a professional – and keep your solopreneur motivation high.