Text-to-pay: The next generation of payments.


Text to pay, also known as SMS (Short Messaging Service) payment, is a payment solution that allows consumers to make a payment by texting on their smartphones, just like sending money as a text message.

With this payment method, your customers send out a text to their client’s phone stating they can make a payment and have the option to text back “yes” to complete the transaction.

The business will have their client’s payment information on file so they don’t have to worry about typing in their credit card information each time.

If the business does not have their payment information available, there is an option for the client to add their credit card or bank details to the business’s system, so that it is on file for future purchases.

This process makes for a seamless experience for both your customer’s business as well as for their clients.

Advantages of Text-to-pay.

Text Payments Alleviate Security Concerns

Hackers have become incredibly clever and advanced, and they continue to outsmart even people that are savvy and naturally skeptical. Card readers are being compromised in increasing numbers, making it difficult for companies to protect their customers’ financial details.

Text to Pay systems add an additional layer of security because there are no physical payments changing hands. A customer has to use biometric data (either a fingerprint or facial recognition) or a password to access their phone, before they can submit payment and share any financial information. The protocols that protect the payment portal also keep customer information secure.

Quick and Easy

Perhaps the most apparent advantage of using text to pay for customers is that it’s quick and easy to use. Considering how most SMS payment models typically require customers to send messages like YES or NO, it only takes a few seconds of their time to confirm a purchase.

Contactless Payments Prevent the Spread of Germs

Widespread fears of superbugs and this year’s Coronavirus have made people more paranoid about germs in shared spaces.

Even people that aren’t donning masks during flu season are bound to be concerned about spreading germs with cash and credit cards. Customers are becoming increasingly wary of handing their credit cards to strangers or leaving them on filthy surfaces, unsure of what harmful bacteria and viruses they can pick up along the way.

Seamless Implementation

Unlike many other payment methods, implementing a text-to-pay system is relatively easy, especially since your provider deals with most transactions.

SMS Marketing Integration

Businesses already using SMS marketing tactics can benefit significantly from text to pay by integrating discounts and coupons, thereby building customer loyalty.