Making a sale

The 3C’s of sales.


You business might be getting a lot of attention, increasing engagements but the big question comes are you getting sales from all this?, if no then you should know it’s not profitable. You might even persuade customers to check out your products or services, but what position are they in the sales funnel? Are they following through with transactions?.

In sales, there is a big difference between finishing first and second. First-place finishers make the sale and pocket the money, while second-place finishers leave empty-handed.

3C’s of sales.


Focusing on customers’ needs and showing them that you care is critical to winning the sale. Don’t just secure a transaction and then move on to your next target; treat each person with respect, importance, and even assist them throughout the sales process if needed. You need to consider their reasons for seeking out your product or service.

Psychology is a big factor in closing the sale meaning you have to understand your customers and relate with them from that level of understanding. Think about the things that have led the prospect to seek you out. A lot of times, price is the driving factor for the buyer. 


Convincing buyers that they can achieve maximum returns, the risks are acceptable, and that you are good fit goes a long way as this factor is ignored most times. Also Focusing on the problem that the person has over anything else. Although price factors into their decisions, buyers are also interested in how the product and service can help solve their problems better than other available solutions.


Recent studies found that buyers perceive sales winners to be responsive, proactive and easy to purchase from. Further, buyers feel that by purchasing goods and services through first-place finishers, they are collaborating with the seller to achieve mutual goals. This collaboration is integral and helps consumers feel supported and understood throughout the sales process. One of the biggest reasons that people make the switch from prospect to buyer is the feeling of validation. The buyer wants confirmation that you understand their needs and will do what you can to meet those needs.

Let us know what you think in the comments, which other ways can you connect with your customers to win a sale.