The Business Mindset


Business mindset: Is a way of thinking that enables you to uncover and see problems as opportunities, and then turning those opportunities into a business.

Think big and small

You have to learn to think big and small. You have to go in the same direction with small day-to-day decisions, as well as big actions.

Create your own luck

So-called lucky people aren’t necessarily getting more advantages than other people. The universe doesn’t favor them, but they’re putting themselves out there more. They’re creating more connections that could lead to other stuff.

The growth mindset

If you believe somehow you’re set to a certain capability and level of accomplishment, then you’ll never achieve anything more. However, if you believe you can get better and do other things, that growth mindset will enable you to accomplish more.

Create a mission worth spending your life on.

I have confidence about myself as a human being. Just appreciate that wherever you’re at, you’re a whole and complete human being with everything you possibly need to be successful. You deserve to achieve and you deserve the fruits of your labor.

Don’t struggle with failure

There is a difference between failure and your struggle with failure. You do not have to struggle with failure. That is a choice on your part. If you accept the fact that the person who fails the most wins, you can also accept that putting good effort into something that fails is a key part of your job.

Do something bold

Failures in business are opportunities to be seized. If you don’t fail at one point in your lifetime, you won’t experience the ultimate feeling of success.