The mind

The impact of mindset on our daily living.


The way we think goes a long way in determining a lot in our daily lives from how we reason, actions we take, reactions, interactions and so much more.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to shine in any sphere in which they choose to exert themselves, and others cannot manage even a glimmer despite obvious talent?.

Research has made it known that it’s the way that they think about their ability that really counts.

Types of mindset.

  • Fixed or Static mindset. Ability is fixed or ingrained in other words, we are born with a certain level of ability and we cannot change that. This is called a fixed mindset. This type of mindset is possessed by people who are not willing to learn new things, go beyond their comfort zones or even try out new things they are not flexible and this can greatly affect them later in the future or even presently this is caused by so many factors one of them is bad experiences from childhood , Violence and so much more will be discussed later on.
  • Growth Mindset. We can develop our ability through hard work and effort. This is called a growth mindset. Having a growth mindset (the belief that you are in control of your own ability, and can learn and improve) is the key to success.

Factors that affect mindset.


Beginning at an early age, your mindset begins forming. And mindsets aren’t just any beliefs. It orients your emotions and tendencies and is embedded strongly inside you and determines how you react around people. It serves as a cognitive function that helps you frame the people you meet. You judge them based on the important cues provided by your values. Thus mindset plays a very crucial role in relationships. How you meet and treat people heavily depends on your beliefs. As per mindset coachflexible mindset adapts with different people thus is great at forming long-lasting relations. While a fixed mindset struggles to cope with people who have varying beliefs and fails to adapt.


We all know that everyone doesn’t have the same learning curve. Most people believe that this is because they are genetically different. Other notions stand that learning skills depend upon the circumstances. What most humans ignore is the fact that mindsets also affects learning. Even if you are not naturally gifted nor are your circumstances conducive to learning, you can still succeed if you have a growth mindset. If you believe that you can succeed than it propels you forward no matter what happens. It is proven by studies that new information and skills can be better adopted if you just start understanding that your brain can become smarter.


It is proven by science that your mindset not only impacts your behavior, and performance but it also heavily influences your psychology and physiology as well. It has the power to flood your system with stress hormones which can deteriorate mental health. Either it can keep you relaxed and confident or make you anxious and depressed. So your mindset not only helps you navigate the world it has a deep connection with your body as well – down to the genetic level. It not only affects mental health but can take a toll on physical health as well. That is why studies have been able to prove a direct link between mindset and life expectancy

Responsibilities or tasks.

If you and your friend are given a similar task, each one of you will perform it if you have the skill. But the way both of you will approach it will be different thus the ending results will also vary to some extent. This is because you cannot think exactly like your friend even when you have the same skill set. This is true for life as well. Two people even with the same life circumstances cannot end up being the same. This is because each has a unique mindset which will bring about very different results. So simply put your belief affect all actions of your life because they influence the way you approach even little tasks.

How to condition the mind for growth.

Mind conditioning is the process or steps involved in preparing the mind towards modifying thoughts, analyzing attitudes, tendencies or mental states to optimize for growth.

Reading Books.

Getting and devouring texts from great leaders who share their life experiences from life to business and other aspects of their life will go a long way in improving your mindset, way of thinking, attitude, relationships and so much more.

Recommended Books includes: Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill, Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, Leadership By Dr Myles Munroe, The Subtle art of not Giving a F*ck By Mark Manson, How To Win Friends and Influence People By Dale Carnegie and a lot more.

Attending Industry meetups.

Meeting new people interacting, networking and building relationships will help you learn about others, give you an insight into how they think, how to manage several cultures and relate with them.

Learn a new skill.

Learning new skills is essential to advancing your career. It diversifies your job options and helps you develop new techniques to keep up with the fast-changing world. But there are other benefits, too. Here are five benefits of learning new skills—no matter your age or profession, or type of skill you learn.