The most dangerous excuses.


Do you have dreams that keep getting pushed to the side, and every time they are revisited you make another excuse as to why it’s not the right time to chase them?.

I’m scared.

There isn’t a single entrepreneur that wasn’t scared — anyone saying otherwise is flat-out lying to your face. You have to take that fear and use it as motivation rather than let it stop you. When it comes down to it there is only one thing you should be scared of — not reaching your dreams. 

I don’t have the resources.

Don’t let limited funds stop you — bootstrap your growth and make sure that your business model generates revenue fast enough to keep you above water. For more tips to help you start a business with little to no capital, check out this article.

I don’t have plugs.

This is not a valid excuse today — social media makes it possible to connect with almost anyone. Introductions and connections can sprout from a single Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn message even sites like makes it easier to get an organization’s or an individual’s email address. In fact, some of the most influential entrepreneurs and business personalities are more accessible than you might think.

I don’t have the required time.

Every single person on this planet has 24 hours in his or her day. You can’t buy any extra — it is on you to use your time efficiently. Want to start a business on the side while working your full-time job? You just have to prioritize your time away from work.

Wake up early in the morning and work on your business or skip happy hour and go home and work hard through the evening.