Tips for an email marketing campaign.


Digital transformation has brought about a lot of changes that has made evolution so rapid, from direct response marketing to influencer marketing and so on, bringing about the big question how effective is email marketing?.

The big answer is yes, it’s still as effective as before, but to get the most out of it you have to make a strong email marketing strategy.

A strong email strategy is a fire sure way to reach and connect with your targeted audience. It is a more affordable marketing channel than other available options and provides a large amount of space to convey your brand message and also build relationship with your audience. Besides this, email targets your core audience, especially those who have already shown interest in your offering. And once they have shown interest by signing up for your email list, they are more likely to engage again with your brand, and here you can’t get anything better than email marketing to target them again with a personalised message. Moreover, with email marketing, you can reach customers, spread your message, turn your prospect into paying customers and experience a substantial increase in sales. In short, email is the solution to all your marketing concerns.

Tips for email marketing.

Avoid keywords that can trigger spam detection. 

Few words can cause your email to skip the recipient’s inbox and land straight into the spam box. Therefore to make your email marketing campaign result-oriented, carefully choose the words you use in your email’s subject line.

Generally, spam words are classified into six broad categories:

  1. Cheap: no pre-qualifications, everybody wins
  2. Far-fetched: statements that are too good to be true
  3. Manipulative: creating unnecessary urgency or pressure
  4. Needy: sounding desperate or exaggerated claims
  5. Sleazy: being too pushy
  6. Shady: ethically or legally questionable behaviour.

Purchase an email verifier service. 

An email verifier or email validator is a service designed to ensure the email list and campaign are sent to valid email addresses. Email validator can be a great tool to make your email marketing campaign effective because it can recognize domain structure, remove an invalid email address, validate IP addresses and eliminate bounce. You can upload your email list to an email validator, and it will verify the list in a number of ways, providing you the best insight and most up-to-date and clean email list. Email verifier typically integrates with email marketing tools and helps companies to improve campaign performance, user engagement, deliverability, and return on investment.

Use email drip campaigns

A drip campaign, also known as drip marketing or marketing automation, is a form of automated sales outreach. It consists of a series of emails that are sent out automatically on a schedule to a specific audience. Usually, a drip campaign comes into action when someone performs a specific action, such as signing up for an email, making a purchase, downloading a white, and so on. 

Get personal.

Personalization is one of the most important elements you need to strive to nail in every campaign. However, many people have misunderstood personalization to mean addressing a subscriber by name. While that is part of it, there’s more to personalization such as:

  • Being relevant
  • Sending timely emails
  • Anticipating your subscriber’s needs

Promotions aren’t everything.

While the ultimate goal of email marketing is to grow your business, you need to realize that promotions are not the core of email marketing. The heart of your email marketing must be to establish and nurture healthy relationships with your customers.

It is these healthy relationships that will result in customers providing lifetime value and act as the driving force of your business’ growth.

A/B testing.

Always test important elements in your campaigns to help you constantly improve your campaigns.

There’s a lot to learn when you’re new to email marketing. Wouldn’t it be great to get some wisdom from an email marketing pro?

In this infographic, we did just that. Receive 11 email marketing tips from some of the best in the business.