Tips to finishing uncompleted projects.

A man writing a plan

Most of us have at least a handful of unfinished projects: a half-written novel on our virtual shelf, a blog that never made it past the first three posts, a half coded app, a body that isn’t quite as healthy or fit as we want it to be.

Sometimes we make conscious decisions to put aside these projects when we realize they’re not worth the time or something else is more important. But more often, unfinishing isn’t so much a choice as a result of lack of discipline.

Without discipline we would continue to have unfinished projects although discipline doesn’t really affect you when yiu get the project started it is to be most practiced when getting towards the end or middle of the project because it’s at this time you begin to feel wary the most especially if the project is a creative one.

Steps to ensuring completed projects.


Planing is a very vital step to getting things done, a simple plan can keep you motivated, get you started, direct you when you feel lost and burdened by the amount of tasks to be done.

Devote time for the project.

Devoting one hour a day to the project. It’s listed daily in my Google tasks, along with links to my draft and time-tracking document, so I can jump right into the work without spending any time searching for it. When I’ve put in my hour, I track that in a Google Doc that’s shared with my accountability partner.

Start with fewer projects that you are sure of finishing.

Starting too many projects can make you feel overwhelmed and you might even end up not finishing any in some cases this can greatly drain your resources and affect your delivery over time.


Hiring someone to finish up the project for you gives you access to great amount of leverage thereby letting you focus on other projects.


Simply number all your projects and unfinished business by priority. This one is quick and easy to do. Don’t get all caught up deciding- just number them by the level of importance or urgency and keep moving forward!.

Author: Austine