Tips to help change your beliefs about money.


There are times we could be savvy about finding ways to scrimp and save, so i decided to research on this and i realized that the potentials of these strategies are limited. Eventually you run out of things to cut back on. But your capacity to earn more is unlimited.

I realized that wanting to make more money is not just about limited income. It’s about how limited income inhibits your choices, freedom, generosity, peace of mind, quality of life and ability to make a meaningful impact on the people, places and things you care about most.

I think it’s time we shift our attitudes around the idea of making more so we can take pride in our determination to do so, and not be embarrassed by it.

Below is a list of tips that can help:

 Reprogram your money script.

Replace the messages of negativity you’ve adopted around financial success with wealth-positive thoughts and mantras, considering the fact that making more will enable you to achieve personally and contribute publicly.

Recognizing the patterns and beliefs holding you back from making more and making a conscious effort to change them is the first step towards reclaiming ownership of your income potentials.

Query your assumptions.

Whenever negative associations come up, take a moment to reconsider them.

How would you complete the sentence, “I’d like to make more money, but…”? Your response will tell you the beliefs you’re holding onto about what you need to do and who you need to be. Challenge those assumptions by finding examples of other people prospering despite similar circumstances.

Be mindful.

Pay attention to any disparaging thoughts and feelings that come up when you talk about financially successful individuals, or when making your own declaration.

Remember that Money is a Physical Object.

Back before online banking, money was a tool that you could hold in your hand, something physical that communicated value. Today, however, the individual value of a dollar is often forgotten as we look more at the total sum of our wealth rather than each piece of the whole. Recognize that money isn’t a universal given but rather a tool and system that was adopted for its convenience. You should treat money as a physical object instead of a symbolic idea, especially if you want to stop conflating your net worth with your self-worth.

Differentiate Wants From Needs

A lot of peoples’ dissatisfaction with their financial situation comes from the feeling that too many things are out of reach. However, most people who feel this way probably have enough to provide for their basic needs, so the stress and frustration their dissatisfaction causes them might be doing them more harm than good.