Tips to help move from 6 to 7 figures.


The year is coming close to an end and the first month is almost gone already and people are asking themselves how far have I gone with my resolutions?.

If you’re looking to build on your success, to upgrade your money mindset and go from six to seven figures this year, these resolutions are for you.

Invest in a mentor or coach.

Many start off the new year with high hopes, then find it hard to remain accountable to their goals once they get back into the swing of a routine. A business coach could be the difference-maker you need.

Reassess your inner circle

In addition to a coach, it’s important to take stock of who your inner circle is and how they inspire or push you towards your goals. Can you talk about your big financial dreams with them? Or do they simply not get it?

Give or donate money

Marie Forleo recommends in her video “Money Mindset Shift” to ‘share the wealth’ whenever you’re feeling like you’re in a scarcity mindset. “It seems a bit counterintuitive, but give some money away,” she says. “You can be an example of someone who’s living in abundance.