Tips to setting yourself up for financial freedom


Financial freedom is achieved by work, diligence, proper planning and patience it is never stumbled upon, well after reading this you might have this in mind and be like what of people that win lotteries or hit mega-jackpots well i will bring to your notice that if they are not financially intelligent the money will be mismanaged and they end up being broke as they were even before hitting the jackpot.

I would also like to make it known that the journey to financial freedom is a process so ensure you are on the right track and also patient enough to learn and take action with all these being said let’s proceed.

Tips to setting yourself up for financial freedom.


A lot of times we get attracted to money doubling schemes which triggers our greed which later on leads to various losses and even depression in some cases it is best to put money in investments you understand, build it and watch it grow or if you don’t know what to invest in find a skill you are passionate about, observe the market for that skill, if the market is promising learn every aspect of that skill especially the business side.

Understand your needs and wants.

Being able to differentiate your needs from your wants will help your budgetting as this will help filter spending on unnecessary things.

Push for discount when buying stuff.

Always negotiate for the best discounted deals you can get this doesn’t make you look cheap in anyway it just helps you save funds for other necessities or needs that might come up later on.

Make a budget.

Creating a budget is important but following the budget is much more important than just creating the budget alone as it allows you to record planned expenses, while ensuring discipline.

Have a plan.

Just like all other goals you set to achieve at certain times financial freedom is also a goal that you can achieve with proper focus, planning (there are times things don’t go as planned expect this), work and discipline.