Top Paying Adnetworks To monetize your blog.


If you want to effectively monetize your content, you can’t rely on selling ads directly to businesses – you need the aid of an ad network to help you effectively fill your ad inventory and maximize your CPMs (the amount you earn per 1,000 visitors).

As you’d expect, there are plenty of networks that are itching to help you do this. And in this post, we’ve collected 7 of the best options for bloggers and publishers of all sizes.

All of these companies can help you monetize your content in different ways. Some go the traditional display advertising route, while others can help you insert contextual advertising links, share paid content recommendations, banner ads and more.

7 best adnetworks for publishers is one of the largest contextual advertising networks on the Internet. That fact makes it one of the most popular Google AdSense alternatives, but it’s also just plain a quality ad network for publishers and bloggers in its own right.

You can automatically serve up both text and display ads, including an option to dynamically let figure out the optimal sizes for your site. also has a programmatic platform that you can use if you prefer that approach.

The minimum payout at is $100.

Google Adsense(Most Popular).

Google AdSense probably needs no introduction – it’s the most popular and well-known display advertising program on the Internet.

However, we’re still including it because no list of the best ad networks for publishers could be complete without mentioning AdSense.

All you do is add AdSense to your site and Google will serve up contextual ads – you can even let Google experiment to find the most optimal ad placement locations on your site without you lifting a finger.

The minimum payout at AdSense is $100.


Ezoic brands itself as “an intelligent platform for publishers”. What makes it “intelligent”? In a nutshell, Ezoic uses machine learning to constantly test different ads, placements, etc. to find the highest-earning configurations.

You can use drag-and-drop to set up testing locations. Then, you can choose goals and run your tests (e.g. maximizing revenue vs improving user experience, or striking the perfect balance).

Adsterra(Most loved by Nigerians).

Adsterra is a world-renowned ad network with Partner Care approach, serving over 30 billion ad impressions per month worldwide (70% of traffic is mobile). 18K+ direct publishers and 12K+ brands, affiliates, media agencies, and ad networks dealing with mainstream and non-mainstream verticals. Advertisers may choose between an intuitive self-serve platform with automated onboarding and live-chat support or working with a personal manager.

Adsterra helps advertisers meet their KPIs and grow ROI, while publishers get maximum eCPM with our easy-to-use advanced traffic solutions and the best team in the industry.

The service is superb from my own experience though.


AdThrive is an ad network that focuses primarily on bloggers and publishers in lifestyle areas such as food, home, travel, parenting, DIY, etc. While you don’t have to be in those niches to join, those are the types of advertisers that will thrive with AdThrive.

AdThrive offers all the popular display ad dimensions and even guarantees payouts — so even if AdThrive doesn’t get paid by an advertiser, they’ll still pay you. This is part of their “creator-first” mission.

AdThrive is looking primarily for US-based traffic, so it might not be the best option if you have a lot of global visitors. Additionally, you’ll need Google Analytics installed and at least 100,000 monthly page views to apply.


Like AdThrive, Mediavine is another well-regarded ad network that’s popular with lifestyle content creators such as those in niches like food, home, travel, parenting, etc. Again, you aren’t necessarily required to be in those niches to join, but those are the types of sites that do well with Mediavine.

Also like AdThrive, Mediavine wants to build a “creator first” approach. In fact, the team behind Mediavine is also a popular publisher with properties such as The Hollywood Gossip and Food Fanatic.


Taboola helps you monetize your site with content suggestions that appear after your site’s content – you’ve probably seen this type of monetization with many big publishers and online magazines.

You know the type of content – “You’ll never believe how this teacher saves money” or “10 foods that can make you live longer”.