Types of campaigns.


Considered as the most effective form of marketing(Marketing is simply a combination of efforts to get a product, service or even a message to a particular audience), an advertisement is a way to promote and send a message to the audience for selling a product or service That’s because you are reaching different people with different marketing methods, and you are reaching your own audience in new ways. Let’s look at some of the different types of marketing campaigns out there.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

The first type of campaign that we will discuss is the digital marketing campaign. This is the most commonly used type of marketing campaign in existence today; one of the reasons why that is so has to do with the fact that so many people spend so much time on the Internet. Digital marketing includes advertising on websites, content marketing, social media marketing and anything that you do within the digital space. Digital marketing companies may create online video, run your social media accounts and procure advertising on websites, mobile devices and much more.

Radio & Television Campaigns

Radio and television campaigns are still valid forms of advertising. There definitely not being used as much as they used to be, but there still very effective for certain types of companies. A lot of times, local companies advertise on television and radio because it is what they have always done. But newer companies often start out with digital advertising because they are more familiar with it. These older company should definitely consider branching out into digital marketing, and even the newer companies should look into radio and television advertising because it can still be effective.

Outside-the-Box Campaigns

One of the types of marketing campaigns that are out there is the out-of-the-box campaign. The out-of-the-box campaign is simply an extremely unusual marketing campaign that may range from creating a viral video to actually using physical props to entice customers to try out a company. A couple of examples of outside the box campaigns include the companies Tom’s Shoes and a company that purposely dropped five thousand business cards folded in public areas. On the back, a color image of part of a one hundred dollar bill was printed, causing people to pick them up whenever they saw them. Tom’s Shoes made the promise to donate a pair shoes for everyone sold and created their One Day without Shoes campaign to raise public awareness for people in Third World countries without shoes.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail campaigns can be one of the best ways to help grow your business. Many people consider direct-mail to be not as relevant as it once was, but the truth is, direct-mail campaigns can be even more effective these days because less people are using them and less mail is being sent out. That means when a direct-mail circular or advertisement arrives, there is a greater chance that someone is going to see it and respond to it.

Customer Referral Campaigns

Finally, there are customer referral campaigns. Customer referral campaigns are those that are based upon current customers recommending a product or service – or a particular company – 21 of their friends or family members. This is a very effective method of marketing if you can get customers to actually make these referrals. However, not as many companies are focusing on this campaign today which is extremely unfortunate because they can be really effective.