Ways to stay happy in a depressing economy or country.


Happiness is truly a choice it’s all left to you to stay happy or make yourself sad as long as you are alive there is always a reason to stay happy truly it’s all hard now and even Nigeria alone as a country is harder.

There is a lot going on now from bosses being jerks, low pays, being unable to pay rent, Joblessness and so much more.

What if you are lonely, single, and broke in this depressed economy and it seems the tides are risen against you?.

Is there going to be light at the end of the tunnel? Will you ever get a job? Am I getting married this year? Will you ever drive your dream car?.

Yes, you can, and you will. All your dreams are still very achievable. And even if your dreams don’t come to pass when you want them to, at least you will always be happy in the process.

To ensure happiness does not elude you, follow these simple rules :

Participate in cultural activities.

Visiting a museum or seeing a concert is yet another way to boost your mood. A studythat examined 50,000 adults’ levels of life satisfaction in Norway found that people who participated in more cultural activities reported lower levels of anxiety and depression. They also had a higher satisfaction with their overall quality of life. So go see a play or join a club!.


You’ve probably heard that smiling can make you feel happier. But the important thing is that the smile must be sincere. If you fake it, you might make yourself more unhappy, according to a 2011 study.

The study examined a group of city bus drivers over a period of two weeks. They found that employees who put on a fake smile for the job were in a worse mood by the end of the day. But drivers who genuinely smiled as a result of positive thoughts actually reported being in a better mood by the end of the day. So when you smile, make sure to mean it!.

Get intimate.

A 2004 study suggested that increasing the amount of intercourse you have from once a month to once a week gives the same amount of happiness as receiving an extra $50,000!

But beware: more sex doesn’t necessarily mean more happiness, according to a report published in 2015. The researchers of the latest study found that couples who were asked to have more sex for the study reported that the sex was not enjoyable and did not make them happier.

The researchers therefore concluded that sex will only lead to happiness when a couple is having it for a meaningful reason. The frequency is less important than the purpose behind the act.

Go on a hike or gaze at the stars.

Awe is a powerful (even awesome, you might say) human emotion. A handful of recent studies have found a link between experiencing a sense of awe — like the feeling you get when looking at a starry sky or across a wide open valley — with decreased stressedand higher levels of satisfaction.

People who’ve recently had an awe-inspiring experience are also more likely to say they feel more curious about the world around them and to act more generously toward others.

Be patient — happiness tends to increase with age.

When it comes to happiness, older people seem to know something that the rest of us don’t. A number of studies have found that older people tend to be some of the happiest around.

The reason why, however, is still a mystery to scientists. Chances are, it’s a combination of factors: One study in 2013 suggested that because older people are more experienced, they’re therefore better at dealing with negative emotions like anger and anxiety. Another more recent study suggested the cause could be that older people are more trusting, which comes with a number of healthy psychological benefits that lead to happiness.

Whatever the reason, if you’re not happy right now, you can rest assured that your chances of happiness in the future are good.

Get your hands dirty.

Breathing in the smell of dirt may lift your spirits, according to a study that found that a bacteria commonly found in soil produces effects similar to antidepressant drugs.

Sounds crazy though i believe it should be given a shot.

The harmless bacteria, Mycobacterium vaccae, stimulated the release of serotonin in the brain after it was injected into mice. Low levels of serotonin is what causes depression in people.

In a human test, cancer patients reported increases in their quality of life when they were treated with the bacteria.

The findings “leave us wondering if we shouldn’t all be spending more time playing in the dirt,” lead author Chris Lowry of the University of Bristol said in a statement.