What is a funnel chart?


A funnel chart is a specialized chart type that demonstrates the flow of users through a business or sales process. The chart takes its name from its shape, which starts from a broad head and ends in a narrow neck. The number of users at each stage of the process are indicated from the funnel’s width as it narrows.

Like we all know a funnel is the journey through which a user passes through in a sales process.

A funnel chart would definitely be a report showing this whole process.

It could be something like this below..

The Video below explains how to create a funnel chart.

Softwares that can be used to create a funnel chart.

  • Microsoft Excel.
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Lucid Charts
  • Moqups
  • Cacoo
  • Fusion Charts
  • Hubspot
  • ZOHO.