What You Need to Do if You Feel Overwhelmed by the Work.


I know that we always want more. We need to do more, to create more, and to produce more. I don’t think that someone else asks for us about that, but that’s our own expectation. It is in our nature that we will never be satisfied with the current situation. So, what do you need to do if you feel overwhelmed by the work?

How to overcome being overwhelmed by work.

Learn How to Say No If You Feel Overwhelmed by the Work

It is a challenging task to say no. But, it would be best if you learned through exercising and practicing to say no in a different situation. If you learn, you will not be feeling overwhelmed by the work. If you learn, you will not be feeling overwhelmed by the work.

Start Delegating, You are Not the Only One

If you analyze your to-do list, you will probably see tasks that are repeatable, easy to do, and not so crucial for your work. If you can predict that they will repeat and know what you need to do, why can you not delegate such a task?

  • Analyze all the tasks, especially from the group of moderate importance and not important tasks.
  • Check if there are procedures for the implementation of some of those tasks. If there are no procedures start creating them the first time you work on them.
  • Delegate these tasks for which you have created procedures.

Organize Your Workflow

Sometimes because of our disorganization, we will need more time to do things that we usually can do it quickly. Do you find yourself in a situation when you can do something for one hour, and you finish that in two hours? Why? Because you are not ready and organized to do those things in the right way.

When you only work on the right things, the second is to improve workflow to ensure you will finish your work in the right way.

Think about the following things:

  • Clean workplace, so you can find quickly and easily anything you need for your job.
  • Implement time blocks that will tell you when you will work and what type of work you will do in each of the time blocks.

Do Only What You Want to Do.

If you look again in your to-do list, you probably will find tasks that make you very frustrated. You need to get rid of such a task as soon as possible.

Ensure Completing First Priority Tasks

You need to ensure your tasks with the highest priority are must-do things for you. When you complete your high priorities, then you are free to do everything else that you want.

You Only Have 24 Hours in One Day

We have limits on how many things we can do in our available time. It’s just 24 hours in one day, and we can’t increase the time we have. But, we need other stuff except for the work.

This means we need organization, productivity, and systems that will help us to finish our work without being overwhelmed by the work.